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Post game hand shakes and good games.

For the Kids... Always!


Every decision we make is with the safety and engagement of all players as the highest priorities. The club has ZERO TOLERANCE for any behaviors (from parents, coaches, visitors, etc.) that demonstrate a disregard for the following policies.

Laws of the Game

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WBSA is very closely tied to our neighboring organization, PAYSL. Therefore, we run the same game rules as they do for.

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For games 11U+, we follow the International Football Association Board's rules of the game, which can be downloaded here.

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Inclement Weather

Fields will be closed immediately for practice and games under the following conditions: thunder heard, lightning seen or within 10 miles of field using available sensors, threatening or dark skies observed near fields.

Two players bump heads

Concussion & Player Health

Heading is not allowed in practices or games for 11U and younger and only on a limited basis for 12U-13U. Players should be sent off immediately at any sign of a head injury. All coaches must complete concussion training.

Dog with a drone on a leash

Pets, Drones & Open Carry

Pets are not allowed near the fields or on any part of the WBSA Soccer Complex.

All activities should stop if a drone is observed overhead. The open display of a firearm is considered a dangerous condition and should preclude the start or continuation of sanctioned events.

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