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  • What are the important dates / deadlines?
    The Fall season starts in September and ends in November Registration for the fall season is typically open from May to August The Spring season starts in February and ends in May Registration for the Spring season is typically open from November to January
  • How do I register my child?
    Registering online is the easiest and most convenient way to enroll Please follow our Facebook page for announcements regarding those events
  • How much does it cost?
    Fees for the upcoming Fall/Spring cycle can be found on the respective "Programs" pages Families with more than one player (who register using their family account in GotSoccer) will receive a $25 discount for each additional immediate family member We also offer payment options that allow families to pay fees monthly
  • Are payment options available?
    Yes. See note above about monthly payments.
  • Do multi-player families get a discount?
    Yes. See note above about family discounts.
  • What is included in the price?
    Game uniform (shirt, socks) Approximately 10 games Referee fees, field maintenance, goals, game balls, etc.
  • What is not included in the price?
    Soccer shoes Shin guards (required at every session) Practice soccer ball (4U-8U = Size 3, 9U-12U = Size 4, U13+ = Size 5) Water bottle Light jacket
  • Who will coach my child?
    Recreational teams are most commonly coached by a parent or family member Select/Academy teams are coached by approved volunteers All coaches complete a KidSafe background check
  • Can I coach my child?
    Yes. We are always seeking selfless volunteers to either help or serve as assistants Previous soccer experience is not a requisite, but you are expected to be great with kids
  • When, Where, and How often are practices?
    All WBSA teams will have access to quality fields within the WB community Teams will be assigned either a M/W or T/TH schedule Start times are typically 5:30 PM (later for older / advanced teams) Practices typically last 60 minutes for younger teams and up to 2 hours for older teams Specific practice schedules and field assignments can be found on this site
  • When, Where, and How often are games?
    5U-6U teams play "In-House" games (100% "home" at WBSA fields) 7U and older teams play "Intra-League" games (~50% "away" at nearby partner fields) You can view game schedules for every team on this site
  • How are rosters determined?
    Players are rostered based on birth year, with every attempt made to ensure parity Returning players (registering on time) are assigned to their former team when possible We honor family requests and circumstances like carpooling to the best of our ability
  • What are the rules for each age group?
    Full CAYSA and STYSA rules can be found online. Here are the basics for each age: 4U-7U: 4v4, size 3 ball, NO goalies, NO offsides, NO scores/records 8U: 5v5, goalies introduced, field slightly bigger than 4U-7U 8U and younger also has custom parity rules that require every defender behind half field on goal kicks and every offensive player past half field for a goal to count 10U: 7v7, size 4 ball, goalies and offsides introduced, no punting, "build out" lines 12U: 9v9, scores/records introduced, punting permitted 13U+: 11v11, size 5 ball full-sided matches
  • What is a good halftime/postgame snack?
    Fruit and water are ideal halftime snacks Juice with a small, healthy treat (mindful of allergies) are appropriate after games Sugary sodas and unhealthy snacks are not encouraged, even after games
  • Will we practice in inclement weather?
    Fields are typically closed during inclement weather We update both this site and our Facebook page within minutes of fields closing Fields must be cleared immediately if deemed closed or player safety is in question
  • How can I help?
    Volunteer to coach or be a team manager Refrain from coaching on the sideline Be supportive of every player, not just your own child Help pick up equipment after practices or games Volunteer to coordinate snacks, arrange team activities / end of season party, etc. Make a donation or contribute in an in-kind gift to benefit less fortunate players Volunteer within the club to help run events or game days at WBSA soccer complex.
  • We've registered, now what?
    Practices will begin one to two weeks before first games each season If you don't hear anything before the Parent Orientation meeting, don't worry If you haven't heard from your coach by then, feel free to contact us
  • How do I stay informed before orientation?
    Follow our Facebook page for the most timely updates and information Take a moment to review this site to learn more about the club Make note of key dates and activities planned for this season
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